Maximum power

Starthosting uses KVM so as to ensure that every VPS package has devoted resources. The result: unmatched stability and performance.

Instant Provisoning

Get your server up and running within a matter of minutes.Your days of waiting for hours to provision servers are over. Speed it up - get all the extra resources you need within minutes.

Robust Infrastructure

High speed local SSDs, Intel 64bit Dual-Hexacore 2.8 Ghz processors, hot spare disks and servers, a redundant gigabit network and multi-layer firewall security

Easy-to-use VPS manager:

Managing your VPS is easy with our in-house developed VPS manager. Integrate VPS into your own systems with our REST API. It also enables you to provide (sub)resellers with a white label API.

Ready-to-go images

Save time and money while creating or reinstalling a VPS. Resello offers numerous VPS images such as Ubuntu, Debian, and centOS and applications such as Joomla!, WordPress, and Magento.

ready to go image VPS images